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About Us

Welcome to Brooklyn Grove: An oasis of organic and natural cosmetics in Greenpoint.

Customers often ask me where I got the idea of opening a natural cosmetics store in Greenpoint. The answer is quite simple. I’ve lived in Greenpoint for a quite some time with my partner, and we have always felt that such a hip, busy neighborhood with lots of unique and alternative eateries and shops was missing something. We thought a modern apothecary, offering non-toxic, green skin care, makeup, and body products would compliment the existing assortment of shops in the neighborhood. So Brooklyn Groove was born.  With a selection of known brands and well as products from smaller, lesser-known companies, we hoped to have a unique balance of natural, organic skincare products and cosmetics to meet a variety of skin types from normal and average, to the most sensitive, reactive types of skin.

When my son Miloš was born it was also a matter of logistics. If wanted to buy such a product, I’d have to take a subway, struggle with a stroller – just to find products that I want.  Buying online, is always an option, but there’s no opportunity to sample products first before investing in them. Nowadays, with the large number of great green blogs and a lot of on-line reviews, I think it’s much easier to buy the right product, but I’d still prefer to go to a store in my neighborhood and support local businesses.

Before I opened my shop, I was in the perfume business. I used to visit all kinds of beauty-related conventions and shows and out of all the products available, natural cosmetics were always my personal favorite.  At that time, I also realized that there was a new, growing trend and shift in the beauty industry towards green, organic, toxin- and cruelty-free products.

I think that by buying products made from natural ingredients, free of chemicals or certified organic means that we’re not only taking care of our health, but we’re also supporting small farmers, non-GMO agriculture, small family-owned business, renewable energy, recycling, labeling transparency and much more. It’s a beautiful movement and I wanted to be part of it.  We need to care for our world’s natural resources and our environment, especially if we want those things to be there for future generations.

Our goal at Brooklyn Groove is to offer a fresh selection of the purest, most powerful natural remedies; cosmetics and skin care products available. We hope to enhance the neighborhood by offering customers healthy, safe, sustainable ways to look and feel beautiful – while caring for the planet. 

Owner of Brooklyn Groove